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Home News Could cute kids be more effective than graphic cigarette packs?

Could cute kids be more effective than graphic cigarette packs?

Smokers in Canada will notice their cigarette packages have gotten a bit of a gruesome makeover as new, mandatory labeling (covering three-quarters of the cigarette pack) takes effect next week.

The new packs will feature graphic images such as cancerous mouths and an emaciated anti-smoking activist Barb Tarbox, dying of lung cancer.

Despite new statistics revealing that fewer Canadians are smoking since the first health warning labels were introduced in 1989, some are skeptical that these images are in fact effective. "Does anyone seriously believe that Canadians don't already know the risk of smoking?" Imperial Tobacco Canada's vice-president of corporate affairs asked in a statement released by the company in April. "Increasing the size of the warning from 50 to 75 percent will not lead to any measurable change to

public awareness."


What do you think?

Could a guilt trip from a cute child be more effective than graphic cigarette labels?

Could the desire to set a good example for and protect children from smoking be a more effective way to quit the habit?

Which approach do you think is more effective?

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