How I Quit Smoking

Life begins at 65 – I haven’t had a cigarette since

Thank you NicoBloc

I smoked for 44 years and have given up smoking for good. It is the best thing I ever did. It wasn’t easy. I must have tried thousands of times, cold turkey, patches, gum, hypnotism you name it I tried it.

Then one day I found NicoBloc and that worked for me. I quit smoking in only 6 weeks and have never looked back. I think that if you keep trying you will find your way. I read somewhere that half of all smokers in America had quit. So I always felt it was going to be possible for me.

I can remember so many key points in my life when I made a firm commitment to quit. One time was when my eldest daughter was born, I remember it so vividly, looking at her and swearing I would give up the fags. I wouldn’t pollute her life. But within a short time I was back on the smokes.

What I didn’t realise then was that I was addicted to nicotine – I just called it a habit, one that I felt I could just give up. I did not understand then that there was a big difference. Wanting to give up wasn’t enough. I think that was why I failed so many times. When I tried with patches and gum I felt I was just replacing one form of taking in nicotine into my body with another – a recipe for disaster.

Well, I did I give up in the end, with the help of NicoBloc I found it on a website one day . It seemed so simple. You just put a drop on the filter of the cigarette before you smoke it and it traps the nicotine in the filter – well some of it – after a few weeks you put two drops on the filter and it then traps more nicotine. I think why it worked for me was that I slowly weaned myself off nicotine without any of the panic of the sudden stop you have when you use NRT patches or gum. I feel it treated my addiction the same way addicts come off drugs – slowly.

Anyway, after about six weeks I was only smoking a few fags a day and then I would forget to smoke. I know its sounds silly but I found a new confidence in myself, I slowly felt that this was going to be the last time I gave up the fags.

Don’t get me wrong it took effort but I beat the addiction!  I can now play with my grandchildren without them saying “Grandad please don’t smoke” – like my kids did.

I wish you every success

A very happy ex-smoker


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