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Columbia (MO) Votes to Go Smoke-Free

Missouri, 10/10/06–  At 1:00am last night, after 4 1/2 hours of public testimony, the Columbia (Missouri) City Council voted in favor of smoke-free workplace legislation.  Beginning January 9, virtually all workplaces, including restaurants and bars, will be required to provide safe, clean indoor air. Both the public testimony and the council’s debate centered on a […]

Class Action Lawsuit Certified Against Tobacco Cos.

New York, 9/26/06–  Yesterday, a federal court judge certified a class action lawsuit by smokers who claim that tobacco companies deceived them into believing that “light” cigarettes were safer than other cigarettes, when the companies in fact knew that this was not true.  Judge Jack B. Weinstein indicated that damages might total more than $100 […]

Cigarette Smoke Tied to Diabetes Risk

British Medical Journal Smokers and people exposed to secondhand smoke are at elevated risk of developing glucose intolerance, which can lead to diabetes. Researchers at the Birmingham Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Alabama estimated the risk of developing glucose intolerance as 22 percent for smokers, 17 percent for nonsmokers exposed to secondhand smoke, and 12 […]

Bloomberg gives $125 million to advance smokefree causes

Thank You Michael Bloomberg New York City Mayor and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg announced yesterday that he is giving $125 million to advance smokefree causes.  Mayor Bloomberg is an incredible person with a long history of promoting public health. “I’ve never met anyone who understands an issue more quickly and takes action more thoughtfully,” says Joe […]

Arlington (TX) Votes 8-1 for Smoke-free Restaurant Law

Texas, 10/17/06–  On Tuesday, the Arlington (TX) City Council voted 8-1 to become the sixteenth city in Texas to enact smoke-free restaurant legislation, joining Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Corpus Christie, Round Rock, Laredo, Beaumont, and others. Ten Texas cities, including Austin and El Paso, also require bars to be smoke-free.  Houston and Fort Worth are […]

Arizona Health Groups Go Directly to the Voters

After tiring of the Arizona legislature’s refusal to pass smoke-free workplace legislation, Arizona health groups are taking their case directly to the voters.  On Friday, the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office approved petitions clearing the way for a ballot initiative in November.  The initiative would provide virtually all Arizona workers with a safe, healthy, smoke-free […]

Arizona and Ohio Smokefree Ballot Initiatives

This November, voters in Arizona and Ohio will be voting on smokefree workplace legislation.  Unfortunately, tobacco interests have intentionally added similar sounding but drastically different initiatives to the ballot in each state.  RJ Reynolds has already committed $40 million to pass the misleading, fake, weak, proposals. Here’s a more precise explanation… ARIZONA:  YES on 201; […]

Americans prefer restaurants, bars, and clubs to be smoke-free

Since my wife Nina and I started publishing Zagat Survey guides in 1979, we’ve found that people often have widely differing points of view — sometimes even about the same dish at the same restaurant on the same night. There are very few issues of taste about which people of all ages, genders, and geographic […]

Lung Cancer kills more people worldwide than any other cancer

This high mortality rate is due to late diagnosis in too many cases. Over 39,000 people are diagnosed with the disease in the UK each year, making it the second most common cancer. However, 10 per cent of this number have never smoked. Each year in the UK 33,500 people die from lung cancer – making […]

Could cute kids be more effective than graphic cigarette packs?

Smokers in Canada will notice their cigarette packages have gotten a bit of a gruesome makeover as new, mandatory labeling (covering three-quarters of the cigarette pack) takes effect next week. The new packs will feature graphic images such as cancerous mouths and an emaciated anti-smoking activist Barb Tarbox, dying of lung cancer. Despite new statistics […]