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Smoking linked to Skin Cancer?

Smoking has long been tied to a number of cancers, and now another tumor type, skin cancer, may join that list. A new review of data finds that lighting up may boost the risk of a common type of non-melanoma skin cancer. Researchers sifted through the results of 25 studies conducted in 11 countries worldwide. […]

Increased risks of dying from strokes and emphysema

People regularly exposed to secondhand smoke may have increased risks of dying from strokes and emphysema as well as from heart disease and lung cancer, according to a study from China that followed people for nearly two decades. A number of studies have found that non-smokers who regularly breathe in other people’s tobacco smoke have […]

Smoking Increases the Risk of Miscarriage

There is substantial evidence that smoking increases the risk of miscarriage: the Royal College of Physicians has estimated that the risk is increased by 25 per cent. Smoking during pregnancy is an important cause of ill-health for both mother and foetus. Besides increasing the mother’s risk for potentially serious complications, smoking during pregnancy is the […]

Semen Quality and Sperm Damage Caused by Smoking

Smoking reduces the quality of semen: men who smoke have a lower sperm count than non-smokers and their semen contains a higher proportion of malformed sperm. By-products of nicotine present in the semen of smokers have been known to reduce the mobility of sperm. and to affect their normal swimming patterns. Genetic material in sperm […]

Smoking linked to earlier menopause

Women who smoke may hit menopause about a year earlier than those who don’t light up, according to a study that also notes an earlier menopause may influence the risk of getting bone and heart diseases. Non-smokers hit menopause between age 46 and 51, on average. But smokers were younger when they hit menopause, between […]

CHILDREN of smokers are affected by poor air quality far more than has been previously thought, a study has found.

Research by Aberdeen University and the anti-smoking charity Ash Scotland saw monitoring devices placed in the homes of parents with children under the age of six. The devices detected poor air quality within properties long after the mothers and fathers had stubbed out their cigarettes. The Refresh project, which aims to reduce children’s exposure to […]