37 Tips to help you Quit Smoking

  1. Try chewing on a flavored toothpick instead of smoking.
  2. Remove the heads from some wooden kitchen matches. Put several headless matches in your mouth and chew on them.
  3. Keep a flask of spicy soup or tomato juice handy for when you get the craving feeling in your chest.
  4. When you want to smoke, take a shower. You can’t smoke in the shower.
  5. Or try taking a bath. One woman made the break successfully by passing most of one week-end in the tub.
  6. If you feel you need professional help or support, see your doctor.
  7. Certainly see him if you have any persistent symptoms that might be related to smoking or quitting.
  8. If you feel irritable or tense, shut your eyes and count backwards from 10 to 0
  9. Imagine yourself descending a flight of stairs or watching the sun slowly sink beyond the western horizon.
  10. Don’t quit permanently, just quit for today–and tomorrow–and the next day, until you’ve established your new habit.
  11. Each day try to put off lighting your first cigarettes.
  12. At home put your cigarettes in the most inconvenient place, far from matches or lighter.
  13. One man kept his in the garden shed and forced himself to smoke only outside the house.
  14. Decide arbitrarily that you will smoke only on even or odd-numbered hours of the clock.
  15. Temporarily avoid those situations where you are inclined to smoke heavily.
  16. Hide the ashtrays and cigarettes. Out of sight, out of mind. A simple yet helpful maneuver.
  17. Do everything you can to avoid the “unconscious” cigarette
  18. You will cut down significantly with little effort at all.
  19. Pop something non-caloric in your mouth–gum, hard candy, dietetic candy, pencils, fingers, toes, etc.
  20. Deep breathing: this can be done either standing or sitting. It has a marvelous therapeutic effect.
  21. Don’t buy your next pack until you’ve finished the last.
  22. Never buy a full carton. This helps reduce temptation.
  23. Tell all your friends you are going to kick the habit.
  24. Develop a set of rules as to where you can not smoke.
  25. Try yoga. It’s very hard to smoke while standing on your head.
  26. At some point you’ve got to make a “clean break”–you have to make a decision to stop.
  27. Set a date and stick to it!
  28. Keep postponing the first cigarette of the day for a longer and longer time.
  29. Fill those cigarette gaps with other things.
  30. Talk to yourself! When the urge comes say  “Calm Down Wait a few Minutes”
  31. The trick of tricks is to find the right personal incentive.
  32. Keep foremost in your mind the thought that you “do not smoke.”
  33. Just convince yourself that nothing would control you unless you want it to.
  34. Make yourself a “smoking corner” that is far from anything interesting.
  35. Never smoke while watching television.
  36. Brush your teeth frequently to get rid of the tobacco taste and stains
  37. Bet with someone that you can quit.